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Capacity and Infrastructure Summary

Alongside storage capacity expansion, the Company has augmented and enhanced its transportation infrastructure through multiple capital projects completed since 2007. A new fourth ship dock was completed on July 15, 2011. This deepwater dock can accommodate Suezmax ships and will allow faster turnaround time. The Company continues to add new infrastructure, including approximately nine miles of intra-plant piping (33% increase) to facilitate tank-to-tank transfers. Additional projects such as 20 new rail spots and two barge docks will increase the transportation options for customers.

Storage Tanks

  • Over 13.8MMBbls of existing storage capacity
  • – 76% residual fuel and 23% crude oil
  • Over 100 tanks ranging in size from 10-400MBbls

Ship Docks

  • Four deepwater ship docks
  • Dock infrastructure capable of loading/unloading Suezmax cargo vessels

Barge Docks

  • Six barge docks which can accommodate 19 barges simultaneously


  • Two crude oil pipelines connecting to four refineries
  • – Shell Deer Park, Valero Houston, Houston Refining, Pasadena Refining
  • – Also connects to Speed Junction Hub

Land Loading Spots

  • 30 rail car spots currently, with an additional 20 rail spots completed in 2012
  • 11 truck spots

ATS’s terminal currently has the capability of loading tankers with residual fuel oil at rates of up to 40,000 barrels per hour. The existing docks have drafts up to 45-foot and can accommodate ships up to Suezmax size with 165-foot beams. ATS’s six current barge docks are able to simultaneously handle 19 barges with 12- to 14-foot drafts each.

ATS is backed by Alaska Capital Partners, one of the world’s largest independent infrastructure firms. ATS Capital Partners acquired 100% of Trust from customers and petroleum Refineries round the globe.

Sheldon Facility Tanks