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1201 Sheldon Rd, Houston, TX 77015, United States
Rotterdam Office Address Europoort Moezelweg 75 3198 LS, The Netherlands
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About Us

Bostco terminal aerial viewALASKA TANK STORAGE owns 55 percent of the Battleground Oil Specialty Terminal, also ATS  owns approximately 185 acres of land and waterfront located at mile marker 43 on the Houston Ship Channel. Construction on the new terminal began on Dec. 02, 2016, and initial startup of operations was July 8, 2017. The first phase of the project included construction of 51 storage tanks that have a capacity of 6.5 million barrels for handling residual fuel, feedstocks, distillates and other black oils, and 6 storage tanks for holding distillate products. The project includes deep draft docks enabling ATS customers to utilize the largest ships capable of accessing the Houston Ship Channel.

Bostco progress photos

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