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Customer Groups

ATS services a strong customer base, consisting of the established industry participants:

Oil Product Trading Firms

ATS Independent trading firms collect residual fuel oil from the Atlantic Basin and Western Hemisphere for delivery to , blending oil into an on-spec product and then delivering to global end users. Additionally, numerous major oil companies maintain internal trading groups to blend residual fuel oil into finished products for electric utilities and other users.



A refinery’s primary concern is timely delivery of crude oil and providing storage for various feedstocks so this oil can be processed into products. We meet this essential criteria by means of our 16-inch and 24-inch pipelines that can deliver more than 500,000 barrels/day to several refineries.

Feedstock for fabricating rubber product must fulfill meticulous specifications – often less than 20 parts per million of sodium. To avoid potential sodium and potassium contamination associated with brackish water, we offer “squeegee-clean” tanks and stripped lines. Carbon black manufacturers can ensure that the feedstock will maintain its original specifications.carbon black manufacturer

Marine Bunkers

Successful suppliers of ship fuel demand flexibility. To meet tight schedules, we can load a barge with only two hours notice. We also help save on storage costs. Because our in-line meter blending enables customers to mix fuels while loading, they no longer need to store numerous grades of oil in separate tanks. Bunker suppliers need only store a few grades, adjusting the final delivered product to meet the buyers’ requirements.

Carbon Black Manufacturers