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Tank Storage

The refining, storage, and transportation of petroleum and petrochemical products is a difficult process and always calls for a professional approach.
The availability of the necessary technical base, which should fully met the standards of technical safety and operational reliability. ALASKA TANK STORAGE’ has all of the above requirements and is focused on the storage of petroleum products of different categories and of any complexity.
It should be emphasized that ALASKA TANK STORAGE’ implements new carriages for diesel fuel and other petroleum products, through its own fleet of modern fuel trucks, it enabling the transportation of diesel fuel from the refineries reservoir storage to ALASKA TANK STORAGE’ tank farm storage terminal as agreed without any technical problems and unforeseen disruptions. Final transportation costs is calculated for each client individually, as for wholesellers and regular customers there are a number of attractive discounts.
We work efficiently with high quality. The special features of the delivery of Petroleum Products include the following:
There is a minimum order ;
day and night seven days a week;
high quality petroleum products and their low cost;
availability of the required storage and fuel production equipment;
a well-stocked technical park, carry out the delivery of diesel fuel and more.
It should be noted that because of the quality and high-tech equipment, transportation of fuel and other light petroleum products is carried out by our company in compliance with all recommended safety measures, standards and technologies that ensure the professionalism and reliability of delivery.
The main distinguishing feature of ALASKA TANK STORAGE is the ability to separate the transportation and storage of petroleum products from mazut, bitumen, gasoline, diesel D2 gasoil or jet fuel.
With this approach we significantly decreases carburetion, thus preserving the loss of quality of the transported fuel. At the stations, all production processes are automated. We releases up to 35 million Tons of fuel per year.
There storage and sales of diesel fuel is carried out continuously, due to the fact that the demand for this type of product is quite high. Mineral oil storage depot come from many factories specializing in oil refining, who are the main supplier of gasoline and kerosene.  In addition to the fuel tanks, the station has tanks for fuel oil.
For the off-season storage of petroleum products (gasoline, diesel, kerosene) has become important to use underground tanks being built in salt caverns at a depth of 5000 meters and below. These depots are created by erosion (leaching) of the salt water through the wells which are then used in the operation of the repository. Exemption from the storage of petroleum products is carried out by pumping brine.